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Corporate Defense & Internal Investigations

Companies today face scrutiny from an increasing number of regulatory agencies, state and federal. We help companies respond to regulatory inquiries and investigations. Companies also retain us to conduct internal investigations of potential misconduct by company officers or employees. As one example, the health care field continues to become more closely regulated. The government has targeted health care fraud as one of its main priorities. Any company or individual can become the target of an investigation.

Representation during investigations requires an understanding of the laws and regulations applicable to the particular business involved. While many of these situations begin as internal investigations, there can be a variety of other implications. To be effective, counsel must be knowledgeable about these areas and be aware of potential collateral consequences, such as exclusion in participation in federally funded programs.

Ritchie, Davies, Johnson & Stovall, P.C. has focused for years on assisting companies and individuals during challenging investigations. Whether the case starts with an employment issue, a complaint by a whistleblower seeking financial gain, a search warrant or subpoena, these issues are often uncharted territory for the companies and individuals involved. The firm has guided many companies and individuals through these experiences to make sure they are informed of their rights and obligations and are positioned to achieve a favorable outcome.